Registry and Gift-giving

While we are aware of customs in Japan and abroad about registry and gift giving, we are limiting what we put on here because we are frankly embarrassed by the idea of getting things from people. We are aware that people like to give any way, but we want to be clear:

Your presence or support is a gift. However, if you do give or contribute, Thank you!

Ruka and Dontae

Amazon Registry

This is a link to our US Amazon Registry that will be sent to a forwarding address in America, then onward to Japan. Anyone, who buys anything will be seeing a video from us of the item in use because we want you to know that you’re appreciated.

Nest Fund

The View of our future place.

Don’t fancy buying gifts or want to just chip in a little bit for the new nest. Just head to the above site. Thank you and we will be posting videos and pictures of where your funds go along with personal thank you videos

Thank you

It’s really embarrassing having a page like this because we both are quite prideful. However, we didn’t want to completely buck tradition– and everything that you do for us: From the supportive messages, to gifts and money– even the “likes” and “loves” on Facebook and Instagram are appreciated.

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