Covid can’t stop us… but it can Delay things.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been so busy with househunting and youtube work that I have neglected you guys. No worries. I’m here for the updates. Someone or most of you saw or deduced that we postponed any ceremonial parties or gatherings for our nuptials because of a few reasons.

To recap them: no tourist can come into Japan, the economic situation makes it difficult for guests to come, and having anything here could be dangerous for all those present if one person happens to have Corona.

We are saddened by this, but we know that it’s a delay of one aspect of our joining— not a cancellation and not the end all be all. We are, of course, still getting hitched on 11/11/2020. Nothing would stop that.

Now for the fun stuff: we are sad that you can’t join us, but we did do a photoshoot for the wedding party and we want to share that with you. Of course social media is the easiest way, but we want to share something physical with you. So, to each of you we will be sending a photo with a recipe that we have enjoyed. Each of you (who want one) will get a special recipe- no two recipes are the same. Every one will be unique to you. We love cooking and that’s one of the ways we show our love. I hope you enjoy the meals and the pictures as much as we enjoyed making both. A link to a poll will be at the end of this post.

For more updates, I’ll be posting on YouTube , like new place, the process, and the actual day itself. But if you’re more of a reader—we definitely will have more for you here. Even after it’s all done. This site will turn into our life hub to keep you updated and informed about our events and when that party will be rescheduled.

We appreciate your support. If you want to support in a different way, you can go to the gift giving site. We already have each other, but no one ever objects to more icing on the cake. And of course fill out this poll for your picture and recipe: here

Talk to you soon!

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