Planning a Wedding for Dummies Pt. 1

Dummies is me. I’m the dummie.

So, the moment that Ruka said yes to the big question, I knew that was the beginning of the big countdown. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a planner. I plan plans. I plan for plans that I may not have planned. And I always am looking at the big picture facts. People will be coming from overseas. Ruka’s family and my family are wildly different. More friends than family will be coming from my side. And we wanted something SMALL. The makings of a great plan is identifying the necessities, the desires, and the goal.

For us the necessity was just a celebration. We don’t care about having a church house or temple wedding. Though, I still would like a temple something, but I don’t think I’m gonna win that battle. We need a place to host friends and family that suits us. More on this later.

The Desire was pretty simple, too. Traditional elements in a casual setting, while showing our personality. We are both very non-traditional people, but we are aware of tradition and desire to preserve some of them. Ruka didn’t want to wear kimono and stressed simplicity.

Which leaves the goal…

Our goal is to celebrate the beginning of a lifelong partnership with those that are responsible for making it this far… and not destroy our bank accounts 😂😅. We will see how that goes. This is only the Introduction.

Let the fun begin.

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